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, barack obama defeated her four years ago. (laughter) luckily, luckily bill had another option. >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside. >> (cheers and applause) but who burns for america on the inside. (cheers and applause) >> cool on the outside, burns on the inside. now at first i was excited because i thought the democrats had nominated a half microwave burrito. sadly, hispanic outreach. sadly, sadly he meant barack obama. now of course he then did his whole clinton thing. and the mainstream bubba lovers swooned in ecstasy. >> the reason why so many of us call him the greatest politician tonight, the master, bill clinton delivered a mast ear-- masterpiece of a speech. >> i'm sitting here ungiddy this is exactly what barack obama needed. >> i'm just rubber. i'm just-- (laughter) >> stephen: wow! wow. rachel maddow has put on some weight. (laughter) i mean is there any-- help me out. is there anybody out there who can stand up to the clinton charm offensive? how about a conservative. cnn's alex casalanos. >> this convention is done this will be the moment that probably re
. luckily, the timing was perfect. i went in in october and had a bone marrow transplant. >> a lot of people would say to me i don't know how you do it. and i used to say to them, well, you are never given a choice. you just do it. it is your son. >> reporter: two survivors share their story. >> you have to get closer and closer to end up having it be cured. >>> september is blood cancer awareness blood. they will have the celebrity golf tournament wednesday to help raise money to help wipe out blood cancer. >>> the orioles look to head towards the playoffs. fans have three options to purchase tickets. if you put a deposit on 2013 season tickets by midnight tonight you can get access in a presale thursday. you can also enter in and saturday on the website you can enter. send us pictures of your family in orange. the e-mail address is pics >>> coming up, a great performance. the ravens lost 24-23 yesterday. coach harbaugh said today, his team may be better in the long run. >> when you win you look at everything hard and you try to build on it. when you lose
. luckily, though, there were about 3,000 gallons remaining in the aquarium, all of the fish survived. this was a saltwater aquarium. and this had shark, tropical fish, and luckily right now all of the fish are being cared for by an aquarium cleaner company while they try to clean up. >> wow. that's not going to smell very good. in a few days, you know, that wet carpet smell. >> all that water that has got all that fish poop in it. soaking in the carpet. >> think about the fish poop. >> that's where they live. go to the bathroom. >> they don't know when this will reopen. >>> baby easton is getting a helping hand. >> because easton was born with a very rare genetic disease. >> a family finds hope online. next, "right this minute." ♪ >>> caught on camera, a little chinese takeout. >> on her knees? >> i can't see her knees. >> what we can see, well, we'll show you. next. >>> and these waters, not such ordinary stuff. >> it looks like the tsunami water that are coming in to town to take over. >> see some of the most dangerous waters in the world, and what these guys are going to do. ♪
. one of the biggest trouble spots was in reston, especially along south shore road. luckily, no serious injuries. but a large tree toppled and crushed a carport. another tree clipped a house. >> so close inside the house. water was leaking in. so we have water damage inside, which leaked all the way to the basement on the capture. >> about half dozen cars and seven homes were damaged in that neighborhood alone. >>> the storms have been, but potential trouble brewing in the tropics. sue palka is keeping track. >> i wanted you to see high pressure is building in. had a couple of showers here and there to our north. nothing was able to make it into our area. high pressure will be ruling. back to the tropical story, we've had a strong front, and guess what's it's keeping at bay? not that we really expected a visit from what is now tropical storm leslie, but it's getting a push away from bermuda. but they had a rough day today. the airport was closed until 4:00 ask wet and windy. tropical storm leslie isn't the only storm we're watching. hurricane michael has a prominent eye, though expected
this house had a tree fall through the roof into the kitchen. luckily, nobody hurt. if you pan further up south shore road you will see that there is a car up the street, parked at -- it was basically got a karate chop by the tree. these are mature, tall, thick trees. and there's an area where a carport was destroyed. now with us now live and joining us and i hope you can hear us over all the activity seems like midday here. thank you for being with us. this is deputy chief mike riley, fire and rescue. did you get a confirmation on a tornado? >> yes. last year it was confirmed with our communication center that we were tracking on doppler radar what they confirmed to be a tornado. in the chantilly area and then down to the reston area and then tracked it up into virginia. >> reporter: let's talk about the nearby skandia circle. >> well, several homes there were destroyed. trees coming down. people trapped in their homes. we managed to get in there, get those people out. none of them were injured. they did have some pets that were trapped in the basement. our trcrews got those as well. >>
a 100-year-old man backed his car into 11 schoolchildren. some were trapped under the car but luckily all of them survived. walter morris has a couple of options for handling what can be a sensitive situation. >> i'm thankful that i can still drive. i'm 84 years old. >> reporter: domingo de la cruz has been driving since he was 12. he sailed all over the world during his 23 year career. now he makes short trips around the neighborhood. >> shopping, window shopping. >> reporter: his license gives him the independence to go where he needs to go when he needs to go. >> the problem is everybody works. you can't knock on the door and say can do you me a favor, drive me to my doctor appointment or whatever. >> reporter: california law requires senior citizens to take a written test every five years. los angeles police are investigating an accident where 100-year-old preston carter lost control of his cadillac in front of an elementary school wednesday injuring 14 people. his accident under lines the fears of many families whose delivers won't give up the keys. >> i told my wife, the day i f
and we are an aging population relative to what we were. luckily, we have millions of fresh arrivals that are younger and are energetic and they come from all over the world. we have to make sure our education system lifts them to their highest aspirations. when the society ages, it tends to -- it declines. that is the big demographic imperative. i was reviewing one of my favorite books on the roman republic. how did this village on the tiber grow to be the absolute leader of the known world in a few hundred years? it expanded its territory by plunder, by what ever. details. it was not pretty. [laughter] it added people, it kept getting bigger and incorporated the people and to roman citizenship. it became very consolidated, expanding group of energetic people. and they'll work. they were not just a bunch of talkers, they were doing. -- there were doers. -- they were doers. we have to consolidate on this. we have to find the common path that will enable us to make the investments and undergo the sacrifice that is required because it is not all ice cream and cake here. you have to cu
and across highway 237. >>> 4:36, sal gets the day off, but luckily we have tara here just incase. >> and in honor of you all not working we be operating on sun tie's lack take a look, traffic is on the left and after you make your way towards the mcarthur maze. we don't have too many cars out there earth, near san jose, everything is look great, let's check in with rosemary orozco. patchy dense fog all the way to monterey and visibility is reported down to a quarter mile. that means it is patchy and whether or so helping them, what is behind the big fog. he actually compresses the marine layer. we've to the a couple of hours on the way bringing us didn't 15 patch fog. 50 in santa rosa, still a cool start, 56 in oakland, as well as a ward -- hayward, 60 degrees in areas near san jose at this time and your experienced -- extended forecast shows womb get back to work on tuesday and a gradual cooling trend will work in the last week. >>> the stable is now couldn't sets forth -- now set forth convention in north carolina and they are victims of hurricane isaac, the pets caught in the
-the-legs" shot... when he misses... and runs ssraight into the wall. luckily... he walked away fine! 3 ((2-shht toss to weatherr) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3- ((traffic reporter ad libs)) mapbelairwilkens295 395mapmta 3 3 3 &p410-767-8146 3 3 coming up... we'll take a look at sooe of the people... people...that these employment reports ámissá. ámissá.that's next in our cover story. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) ((bump out)) ((break 2)) okay, what'ya havin? i'n burger with a... sunny-side up egg, jack cheese, jill. and, uh... make it a double. inspiration can come from anywhere. build your own burgers are now at denny's. what do we do when something really wants to be painted? we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface. what do you say we go where no paint has gone before, and end up some place beautiful. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. behr ultra. now with advanced stain blocking, only at the ho
screeching. luckily, they were able to make it. >> they put a set of tyre turns to slow the cars down. there was mixed reviews from drivers and it was nice to see. it is great for racing. the disney to make those adjustments -- they needed to make those adjustments. >> the city officials are hoping for a fantastic circuit despite the financial difficulties of last year's race. >> i hope that we continue to be a case where a world-class events can be held. the schedule includes a few more qualifying race and a morning and then the real races began from 2:00 on. .e're live downtown two people are wanted in connection with the shooting at the townshend center mall. we have been following the developments all night. >> the state told the jury the defense put together a killing came complete with an assassin, spotters, and a getaway car. the prosecutor resembling a hand gun with her finger and thumb, slowly counted one to six and punctuated the display with iran phatic a dead -- with an emphatic "dead." court testimony was that williams had heard that rodney pridget shot his cousin. codefe
... as emergency crews responded to calls for help.luckily... no one was injured. injured.the flooding comes from rain brought in by remnants of tropical storm isaac... moving through our also prompted the transit stations.l metro - ((2-shot toss to weaaher)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3 3- a young baseball player... give me 5.all the way around the bases the handicap he's overcoming.. and how he came tt meet his baseball idol! and how he came tt meet his baseball idol! what do we do when sat's hard , really wants to be painted? and how he came tt meet his baseball idol! we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface. what do you say we go where no paint has gone before, and end up some place beautiful. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get $5 off one gallon cans of our best paint, including behr ultra, now through september 5th. future and he wants tooplay baseball.but unlike most ballplay
was not happy with her smile. luckily, after she got married she sent me this. eight veneers on her front teeth. she is a gorgeous bride. she is happy to smile. >> terrific. finally, we'll talk about the implant. >> implants are for patients missing one teeth or multiple teeth. basically an implant is a rod placed in the bone. usually a couple months later the dentist restores the tooth and places the cap or crown on the tooth. it is much shorter treatment than it used to be. you used to wait four to six months. now we wait two months. sometimes we put on the crown right away. we had a patient missing a front tooth and had to wear something removable for a long time and decided he wanted the implant in place. case finished. he is thrilled to pieces. >> it changes the whole look after you 100%. >> right. >> it is interesting. we have the least evasive to the most evasive. very affordable these days. in the past you would think cosmetic dentistry was expensive. now it is affordable. >> one other thing we wanted to talk about, for patients who can not afford these treatments or need a quick fix wi
... president obama has a last minute rally at the same location.luckily the event ended on time.... and the couple got married.they even commander in chief.from the - jon: "everything has a congratulations on the you a great life together. barack obama." obama."in addition to the note...the presidetn gave the couple a mint julip ggass.. which the groom drank out of... that same night. 3&--- react to story ---we are enjoying some beautiful weather... nothing but clear and sunny &pskies.chief meteorologist vytas reid. 3 3 we're ... saying... thank you... to... the fans... that make our facebook page... a success.'s ... facebook... fan of the day is... paul jubb....//you... could be.. .a... fox 45... fan of the day..../ day..../all ... you... have to do... is... go to ... facebook ddt com ...slash foxbaltimore../ button..../we... have... a... new fan of the day... every weekday... on... fox45 news at five. 3 the orioles justtkeep rolling. bruce cunningham will show us how it ended last night next in spprts unlimited. 3 in the very small growing out y
. location.luckily the vent ended on time.... and the ccuple got married.they even commander ii chief.from the - jon: "everything has a wedding. michelle and i wish you a great liie together. barack obama." obama."in addition to the couple a mint julip glass..he - which the groom drank out of... that same night. parents of yyung children are honest if nothing else..... a recent poll shows 20 percent of parents admit to not reading the instructions when installing their child's car seat. seat. not surprisingly... manyyof them are getting it wrong, and putting their kids at risk. joel d. smith is live at the fullerton fire station this morning to show us the 3 things you can check today to see if you got it right. 3 3 ood morning guys. 3 people waiting for the new i-phone 5... will have to wait longer than expected to get their hands on the gadget. apple says pre-orders won't ship for 3 to 4 more weeks.the company says it received more than 2-million pre-orders in the first 24 hours.that's ádoubleá the number it got for last year's record... setting &pi-phone 4-s release.the
that speech p it's embargoed till tomorrow, we do luckily have obtained a copy of the very stirring by graphical film that they played saluting barack obama before the speech. i think you'll agree it's quite marvelous. >> in a country torn apart by war, driven by a class of factions, it's legacy tattered, its very existence threatened, a hero will come. >> ♪ >> i feel change in the air! >> he's the one. he is the one. >> they would give me an african name, barack. oh, blessed. ♪ >> the story of barack obama begins 180 million years ago when the super continent broke apart, scattering the races of man, sentencing humankind to a segregated existence of famine, war, and intolerance, until august 4th, 1961a.d. the oiled of oahu, a child was born, destined to heal that rift. the earthly son of a goat herder from darkest africa, and anthropologist from whitest wichita. black and white, christian and muslim, land mammal and sea creature, his exploits would be legend. the adolescent obama was always -- [laughter] by the time he was 15, he was by his own account uniting an astonishing 31
feet in the air. that's as tall as a three-story building. luckily, no one was hurt. everybody inside the car escaped. and everyone got to safety quickly. all because of one quick-thinking gas station manager. >> there was a lady in front of him, pumping her gas when everything happened. as soon as i saw the smoke, i ran out and hit the emergency shutoff switch and started screaming, everybody get the hell out of here. luckily, they listened. and everybody took off and ran. >> i was very lucky. when i left ten seconds before this happened, there were six people inside the gas station waiting to pay. so, it's amazing that no one was killed. amazing. >> reporter: firefighters say had it not been for the station manager to turn off the fuel, the situation would have been a lot worse and they wouldn't have been able to handle it. so far, there's no cause behind the crash. but the driver is now in custody. as for tomorrow morning, if you're planning to get gas here, don't come by. this place will be closed down for the repairs. live in martinez tonight. >> thankfully no one was injured. th
, twisted metal is all that remains after an oregon school bus collided with a commercial truck. luckily a group of students had just left the bus. only seconds before the crash occurred. it took firefighters 20 minutes to remove the school bus driver before he was transported to a nearby hospital. >>> and finally who says kids could care less about politics? at age 18 aziz is running to become the mayor of california's 15th largest city. good for you. he's been interested in politics since he's 8 and worked on political campaigns since he was 14. despite no previous elected experience, aziz says he knows how to fix all of frof fremont' problems. >>> dylan drier has your weather channel forecast. >> try to go back to what i was doing at 18ment some we won't talk about on the broadcast. it wasn't running for anything. >> i definitely wasn't fixing a few problems, i mean not to mention all of the town's problems. so pretty impressive. good luck to him. we are going to see rain in spots across the region in the northeast, through the great lakes, just a few scattered showers. not heavy rain
the steering wheel but luckily no one was hurt. andrew hopped into the driver's seat of his more's car and decided i am going -- mother's car and decided to take it for a spin. he made it half a mile away from home and went back. he turned around but that's when he ran into some trouble. naive. >> -- >> trouble navigating through streets. >> i was trying to come into the street and i jumped the curb and i got really scared. >> andrew ran over a stop sign, hate hydrant and -- hit a hydrant and crashed into the neighbor's yard. his parents say they are hiding the keys out of his sight. >>> ever got a speed camera tickets? a lot of you are nodding. you probably have because they seem to show up in mailboxs all the time. so it's no surprise they bring in a lot of money but just how much do they bring in? what happens in vegas sometimes ends up on the news especially when it looks like mother nature is the one tearing things up in the city. we will look at what's going on there ahead. what does fall smell like? head north, to someplace pristine like acadia national park. there is nothing li
. >> luckily no one was hurt. around the same time, this same call came in. six adults and one that 7-year- old boy were injured. some have to jump from their windows. >> i had to crawl -- i had to crawl out the bedroom window. i didn't know what to do. >> wednesday afternoon, police announced both were started by molotov cocktails thrown through windows, the work of an arsonist. >> i can tell you this is a very dangerous arsonist. anyone who would aspire bomb the house where they believed someone could be sleeping is a dangerous and as the intent to kill. >> police believe the same person or persons is involved in both crimes. they are putting up signs and looking for information, but so far, they believe they were random attacks. it does not appear that these were targeted. it could be as simple as a juvenile is playing a dangerous prank or if it is something more serious, we will be on that quickly. >> police say they have increased their presence in that area today. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. hot >> tonight, a spike in crime in baltimore under light by the un that
dpid not take any lives. >> we got away very luckily in this case. we know this is not the only case. this will happen again. if we leave it in the hand of, of profit for prof if it it ind. for profit industry has shown they don't care what they do to the land, people or workers. >> the group is calling for chef run to pay out more to support health care and education in richmond. a spokesperson for chevron says over the past three years the company has given almost $10 million to youth programs, economic development and education in the area. chevron and other state federal agencies are investigating the cause of the fire. >>> many of the victims of the 1991 oakland hills fire have been victimized again. vandals struck at the memorial which honors the lives and homes, lost in that inferno. five metal bars were shaved off at the base of the metal skull chur in the firestorm memorial garden probably to be sold as scrap. the pieces symbolize the loss and regrowthen the oakland hills where the fire killed 25 people and burned about 3,000 homes. the landscape committee hopes a video surv
. this process will happen. luckily while the underground portion of the station is being built. will easily be done and presented back to you and nta before it is time to build the actually station house, so the whole thing works, it is funded, we look for the start of it. i wanted to brief you on those things. happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. >> opening it up for public comment, i do have some speaker cards. amy chung, cynthia joe, phil chen, allen liu, leon wing ho. >> good afternoon, president fong and es steamed commissioners, i'm amy chung. my family has been five generations in china town. we are business people. my family currently has herbal medicine shop on washington street half a block from this location. i grew up literally at this corner. i went to school at st. mary's, about a block away, i was born in the chinese hospital. i know this place. when they are knocking down this building, it will be with great regret that we are losing our favorite beef jerky store. what i want to tell you, though, is i'm so looking forward to the building of the station. not just beca
the bike ride. >> sure, i was talking about the bike when you were visiting us before, because luckily here in space, we don't need a seat. all we do is put our feet in the pedals, and i'll demonstrate here. so we also have a computer here that we can dial in the resistance and speed. and then we also for health purposes take our heart rate as we are writing. and so this is how i'm going to simulate the bike ride. so for the hills, i can increase my resistance to match the route that you will take. because i would assume that malibu is not flat, like houston, right? >> not flat at all. she is absolutely right about that. now, about the course out here. i want to give you a sense of what we are up against. so we'll have a look with the cnn producer, kate hagan. >> reporter: i mean look at the waves, the choppy water, this is where we'll begin our race this weekend. we'll swim here in the ocean. it is the first time of the history of the triathlon challenge that we have ever done a race in the ocean. i'm talking freezing waters. we'll swim half a mile down here, very difficult. because it is
with them from the started to the desert. this had gone out of fashion, but now it is back. >> luckily, there are still free beaches around the country, even if the number is dwindling. a day at the beach has become a luxury for many italians, like the ever so enticing visit to a restaurant. >> in our summer series journeys in europe, we show you the roots that have shaped our continent. some of them live between cities. others link countries. some of the roads you can walk or drive. for others, you need a boat. today, we had for the sea. in trading configuration that dominated northern europe. the sea routes once extended along the coast from london in the west. this gigantic association of merchant guilds and cities existed for more than 300 years. merchants with trade goods like grain or jewelry on the routes and get rich doing it as well. we followed one route to see what is left of the past. >> we are setting out on our journey into the past two the year 1361, to be precise. that is when the baltic seaport became an active member of the leak. it was a powerful no. german mercantil
of your pooch won't cut it. luckily there is an artist who recognizes the market for classic dog portraiture. displays of tail wagging love and t.j. winick met the woman behind the masterpieces. ♪ >> reporter: do you treat your pooch like a prince? does your dog walk around like he owns the joint? if so one of these oil paintings might just be at home in your hallway. >> plus they're surrogate kids that we dote on. >> reporter: his partner just commissioned one of carmella, his collie. >> whoa. >> reporter: here she is chasing a ball around the yard and here she is as the empress maria of russia complete with hot pink nails just a minor embellishment to the portrait of the real princess done in 1857. >> carmella. >> reporter: is she a princess? >> oh, yes, 100% princess. it is a little extreme to have portraits done of them but on the other hand, i don't think it's more than we would do with any other family member. >> reporter: in fact, he has done it for another family member. here's bill's other dog, dash, as a member of the russian military. >> i don't just paint one old-fa
. >> we had some fog yesterday and the day before the day before that but luckily we do not this morning, that is clear so that is good news. we do have an accident we want to talk about, let's head over to our maps there. this there. they were shut down due to an earlier accident but they are now open although the southbound lanes remain closed. >>> let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving along nicely into san francisco this morning. >>> finally 280, san jose, traffic looking good in both directions. 4:49, let's check in with steve. >> thank you, tara, well yesterday pretty good little show there from mother nature not only up towards lake county but down towards monterrey and salinas numerous reports of thunder and lightning. today the clouds thinned out mainly south and east of us. still a batch down there so we are not out -- not done yet. now there is more clearing but still party cloudies today. looks warmer inland and showers popping up trying to get their act together there and there. from about morgan hill down to gilroy, salinas and also monterrey. so
a year ago. luckily i'm here but there were sleepless nights i thought, what would it be like to be dead. so -- >> the dead listened with her ice. their voices heavy with regret drop like grain on deaf pavements where children listen and trace their shadow. they dance memorize steps on wooden stairways. they sleep
. luckily for us you're not going away so you might find yourself here again and hope you will be back with us at some point. >> president chiu: one more person the clerk of the board. >> sheryl adams, thank you for holding my hand when i became the clerk. you were one of the handful of individuals who helped me acclimate to the job. i want to express the deep gratitude from my office and all the help that you've given us over the years. as supervisor campos said there were several high profile issues that occurred over the last five to six years. and it was because of your guidance, and your calm demeanor, and problem-solving skills that we were able to get through them. and i just want everyone to know that you were a great part of our success in each and every single one of those incidents. so thank you very much. we will miss you. and john, welcome. we're grateful that you're going to come on board and take her place but of course nobody can take sheryl adams place. as we've missed ted lakey but we quickly became acclimated for you and were grateful for you're assistance and will b
the larger state of good repair investment that is so strongly and luckily -- and welcome to. sleep plays to bring up a representative from our board, the vice chairman of the board -- i am pleased to bring up a representative from our board. >> thank you, good morning. on behalf of the a 70 board of directors, want to thank the deputy administrator and the fta for providing this critical funds. i also want to thank our congressional delegation for their efforts to fight for funds to keep trends in moving throughout our region, not/i our city, and providing bluer skies and better access for all. a big thank you to local leadership, mayor lee and supervisor campos, who was not here, represented by jose luis. especially this supervisors capacity as chair of the transportationwmnçqzr(uáhority d improving muni and making it a transit choice of people want to take instead of transportation of last resort. both grant awards more than $6 million to improve livability and $15 million for the new buses, electric hybrid buses, to support and further the sfmta's plan to member frontline transit se
to put this out yesterday at 5:30 luckily, no injuries. >> and the space shuttle, in denve and ever. from texas, the space shuttle endeavor. we are watching this flight over. and over tucson, arizona and to honor of copper of giffords. and in the bay area of gabrielle-- giffords over tucson, arizona. and eventually making its way to the california science center where it will make its final resting spot. >> we are watching wall street. rob black is with us and we're watching the dow jones is off by 47 points. the futures have also been off all morning long. we are not that impressed. what should we expect this morning? >> the first and foremost it has been a bad week. and we have had a great year. some things are starting to get priced in the country of china with manufacturing data not that great. bed, bath & beyond. a horrible number. nobody is even shipping coal or goods. the economy stinks. that is where right now. >> globally, all around europe has austerity measures. not creating jobs. against the numbers from the are not.. come. when you shift things you could only ship cool. you c
was like what it might feel like to be dead. i was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. luckily i'm here but there were sleepless nights i thought, what would it be like to be dead. so -- >> the dead listened with her ice. their voices heavy with regret drop like grain on deaf pavements where children listen and trace their shadow. they dance memorize steps on wooden stairways. they sleep with their eyes open dreaming of half eaten cake. low hum of a car radio. the feel of water. the taste of skin. thank you. [applause]. closing out our evening of readers is ahn wa received msa of creative writing. and the ardela literary composition prize in creative nonfiction. her work has been published in several an tholologies including our cheers to muses. in addition to writing and performing she published and hand bound artist books and is a photographer and print maker. lives and creates in oakland. i would like to introduce ahmwa. [applause] flesh of my flesh. the woman who invented clothes was a woman. she knew the power of a well placed leash. knew there was no looking back. once
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